Designed for safety, accuracy, flow and fuel quality.

As a global leader and integrated solution supplier for Vista CNG dispensers, Wayne brings trusted and proven technology to a quickly changing industry.

Wayne Vista CNG Fuel Dispenser

A name you trust. Innovation you rely on.

Ever since we built our first gasoline pump in 1907, Wayne has been at the forefront of fuel dispensing technology. We’ve introduced a number of innovations, including the first blending pump, the first electric pump, and the first pay-at-the-pump system.

We’ve brought that history of innovation to the CNG industry with the Wayne Vista™ CNG dispenser. Using our patent-pending, reliable no-air purge design, we were able to incorporate our trusted and proven payment terminal technology. We designed the Vista CNG dispenser with standard Wayne communication protocols so that it works seamlessly with the popular point-of-sale and fleet fuel control systems. We also designed both retail and fleet models.

Regional Availability

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Wayne + CNG

A natural fit.

As a global leader in dispenser manufacturing, Wayne has installed CNG dispensing solutions all around world. As the CNG industry continues to grow, our manufacturing can scale to meet a rapidly increasing demand. Wayne’s commitment to innovation and service aims to make sure our dispensers will always be ready for business.

So as you plan your CNG dispensing needs, trust in the name that companies have been trusting for more than 120 years. Trust Wayne.


  • Retail or fleet models — allow you to match your application needs.
  • Seamless point-of-sale integration — interfaces with popular POS and fleet fuel control systems.
  • Status LEDs — provide simple indication to user of fill progress.
  • PCI and EMV®-compliant payment technology — provide compliance today and modular upgrade path for tomorrow (option).
  • Emergency manual shutoff — allows user to shut down gas flow in an emergency.
  • Temperature-compensated fill — special algorithms maximize fill regardless of temperature.
  • Patent-pending “no-purge” design — eliminates remote fan, piping, and blowing moist, dirty, and cold air into the electronics.
  • Methane sensor & automatic safety controls — help detect unsafe conditions and shut down the dispenser, if necessary.
  • Micro Motion® Mass Flow Meter — industry standard for accurate measure.
  • Coalescing filter per inlet — helps ensure gas purity.
  • One to three inlets — for direct fill or fast cascade storage filling.
iX Pay Secure Payment

Protect Customer Payment Data and Your Investment.

Meet Today’s Compliance Mandates. Upgrade to Meet Tomorrow’s Regulations.

iX Pay™ Secure Payment delivers one of the most secure payment platforms available – and it is designed for investment-protecting regulation compliance today and in the future.

  • The first payment solution certified to Payment Card Industry (PCI) PIN Transaction Security (PTS) 3.0, global EMV, Canadian Interac and Pan-Nordic Card Association (PNC) Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT).
  • Compliant through 2020 and beyond with easy-to-implement updates.
  • Built on the upgradeable iX™ Technology Platform so you can cost-effectively meet future financial data security regulations simply by adding security features instead of replacing the entire terminal.
  • iX™ Technology Platform offers a single, cost-effective platform that supports expanded, revenue-enhancing options including iX Media digital merchandising and iSense™ remote monitoring.
  • Configurable to country-specific security regulations.
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Wayne iX Pay Secure Payment
Wayne Dispenser Secure Access
Dispenser Secure Access

Protect against unauthorized access to your fuel dispensers.

Wayne Dispenser Secure Access detects unauthorized access to the internal components, triggering an alarm and shutting the dispenser down. Store personnel are notified when a “stopped condition” is displayed on the point-of-sale system. A unique passcode is provided for re-initialization and routine servicing.

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Automation System

Meet the new face of retail fuel automation.

Fusion Automation System ties systems and devices together; including point-of-sale (POS), dispensers, price signs, and tank gauges. Works with equipment from several manufacturers, allows retailers to implement forecourt control with a wide range of products. Rugged design and construction design withstands harsh environments.

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Wayne Fusion Automation System