Compact Size, Flexible Installation.

A compact fueling solution that allows you to mount the dispenser at just the right height.

Bigger is not always better

Select S1 base models are only 30 inches tall or only 41 inches tall when you add an optional iX Fleet in-dispenser terminal or iX Pay T7 secure payment terminal. This compact size allows aboveground piping to be routed underneath the dispenser while still having the dispenser at a user-friendly height. Preferably paired with submersible pumps, alternatively, they can be used with transfer pumps.

Regional Availability

Wayne Product Availability Map
Africa Asia-Pacific Europe Middle-East North-America Latin-America
Flexible mounting options

A shelf-mount option provides the flexibility to install the dispenser at just the right height. Pedestal options provide additional freestanding flexibility. Pedestals are available in 25” or 20” heights. To simplify routing supply piping, a pre-drilled hole is included in a fixed plate in the lower back of the pedestal. The plate is aluminum construction facilitating making additional holes for conduit runs. Removable front and rear doors provide access for installation and maintenance. An optional poly containment pan is available inside the pedestal for installations requiring containment.

Small Size with Big Features

Although small in size, Select S1 dispensers optimize display visibility through the use of industry-leading extra-large 1.5” volume displays. LED lighting brightly illuminates the product ID panel. S1 dispensers feature electronic calibration, proportional solenoid valve, and internal filtration. They offer the same popular options as full-size Select models – hose mast, pulse output interface, iX Fleet in-dispenser terminal – plus the iX Pay T7 secure payment terminal.

Multiple configurations to meet your specific needs

Select S1 models are available with volume only or price displays. A variety of single-sided, lane-oriented nozzle models includes:

  • Enhanced-capacity standard petroleum
  • Super-high-capacity standard petroleum
  • Enhanced-capacity E85
  • Warm-climate diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

The compact size of the DEF models make them a perfect fit for installation inside DEF tank enclosures or maintenance garages, which extends their applicability to all regions regardless of temperature. A dual-sided display, island-oriented nozzle warm-climate DEF model is also available. When coupled with the pedestal option, it provides an economical DEF dispensing solution for standard fueling islands in warm climates.