Reliability, durability and modern aesthetics.

It is a simple, economical solution built for years of hassle-free retail functionality.


Fueling capabilities you can depend on down the road.

Keeping your fleet on the move depends on reliable, fast access to fuel. Time spent waiting for an available dispenser or struggling with slow or inefficient fueling equipment can negatively impact your productivity. And any downtime caused by maintenance or repair issues not only increases inefficiencies, it raises your Total Cost of Ownership.

Regional Availability

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Reliance G6200 Mechanical Dispenser

Superior performance gets vehicles on the road faster.

Engineered for fast fueling capabilities, the Reliance G6200 dispenser offers high flow rates up to 22 GPM*. Large capacity inlet/outlet castings, one-inch internal filters and discharge connections provide superior flow performance. The one horsepower motor on suction models offers extra capacity which extends the life of the motor. Plus, the micro-accurate positive displacement two-piston meter is weights and measures sealable and provides precise measurement at any flow rate.

Exceptionally adaptable to your needs.

The Reliance G6200 dispenser gives you flexible configuration choices so you can select a dispenser that matches your needs. The one-inch hose discharge includes a ¾-inch adapter allowing all models to be easily adapted to either hose size for standard gasoline or high flow diesel applications. Choose from remote dispenser, suction pump or satellite configurations in addition to a wealth of other options.

Reliance G5200 Retail Mechanical Dispenser

Durable construction withstands tough environments.

The Reliance G5200 dispenser stands up to outdoor exposure and rough use with a tough powder-coated finish, corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel exterior and 14-gauge side panels along with 18-gauge doors. The high grade 304 stainless steel option with a complete stainless steel exterior cabinet including side structural columns and bases provides the added durability of stainless steel construction that is especially useful in waterfront applications such as marinas. For increased weather-resistance, there are no gaskets that can deteriorate or lose effectiveness over time. With special rain deflectors behind the bottom of the doors, any water intrusion caused by driven rain is redirected away from the containment pan.

Ready for tomorrow’s fuels today.

The UL-listed Reliance E85** option (E/ model prefix) employs special elastomers, electroless nickel-plating, hard anodizing, stainless steel, black iron piping and a special ethanol-compatible filter to provide compatibility with E85 fuel. The E85 option is available for all remote dispenser models and is also compatible with standard petroleum products like gasoline and diesel. Dispense E85 today or utilize standard fuels with the peace of mind that you are prepared for conversion to alternative fuels in the future.