The evolution of POS has arrived.

Wayne NAMOS™ point-of-sale system

Add simplicity to your business with our most advanced retail management system.

Today’s petroleum and convenience industry is dynamic and ever-changing. In order to stay ahead of constantly shifting trends, you need comprehensive and innovative solutions to move your business forward.

The Wayne NAMOS™ point-of-sale (POS) system is the answer for keeping up with today’s fast-paced retail fuel environment. We’ve aligned with retail industry expert Wincor Nixdorf to develop our most advanced retail management system yet. The NAMOS POS system delivers easy-to-use, yet advanced features specifically designed for fuel retailers.

You can become one of the most capable and cutting-edge fuel retailers now, while also positioning your business to adopt new trends and technologies as they emerge. See how the Wayne NAMOS POS system can help.

Regional Availability

Wayne Product Availability Map
Africa Asia-Pacific Europe Middle-East North-America Latin-America

Global Alliance with Wincor Nixdorf: Building on Our Expertise.

We’ve teamed up with Wincor Nixdorf, a company that’s served fuel retailers for more than 25 years, to strengthen our industry expertise and retail capabilities. Wincor Nixdorf has experience processing an average of 10 million transactions per day across 34 countries, and our alliance enables us to offer more than 1,600 point-of-sale features while making rapid enhancements to meet changing market demands.

By combining global platforms such as the Wayne Fusion 6000 site automation server and Wincor’s retail-proven hardware and intuitive software, you’ll open the door to improved retail capabilities, superior usability, and a low cost of ownership.

Retail Capabilities

Take more control.

The unique and robust retail capabilities of the NAMOS POS system gives you more control over your sites. Our highly versatile and remotely accessible system is designed to take on the challenges of frequent interaction. Plus, you can update prices, retrieve data, and control other store functions remotely, ensuring your business will run smoothly even when you’re not on site.

Do more with your site.

The solution offers coffee shop and QSR functionality to more easily grow your business, allowing you more opportunities for increased revenue. The NAMOS POS system simply configures discounts, promotions, or loyalty programs you may offer, making it easier for you to deploy marketing initiatives.

Retail Capabilities at a glance.

  • Built to be highly versatile, retail-hardened, and easy to interact with
  • Provides more than 1,600 base features with the flexibility to choose what offerings best suit your sites:
    • Car wash
    • QSR
    • Coffee shop
  • Allows you to access data and make updates remotely from anywhere
  • Easily configures discounts and promotions
  • Manages financial transactions and controls payment terminals
  • Offers flexible functions for various country requirements and available in 15 languages
Superior Usability

Take advantage of advanced and easy-to-use solutions.

The Wayne NAMOS POS system is as easy-to-use as it is innovative with its touch-screen interface. The intuitive interface makes system functionalities quick and easy to learn, and because the same “plug and play” industry standards-based, open architecture is used worldwide, adding and updating components, configurations, and site offerings is simple.

Run your business on dependability and ease.

Thanks to the Fusion site automation server, financial transactions can occur even when systems are down. In the event of an unexpected system outage, the NAMOS POS system can still process outdoor transactions through the Fusion site automation server without taking your site offline, ensuring you won’t miss out on potential business. Since the NAMOS POS system manages and monitors forecourt hardware, financial and loyalty transactions, host communications, and fuel sales in one single system, you don’t have to worry about training employees on multiple interfaces.

Usability at a glance.

  • Features an intuitive user interface touch screen to make the system easy to learn and use
  • Deploys a single solution to all sites worldwide
  • Allows you to configure and manage file transfers remotely
  • Proactively monitors system activity
  • Provides a common interface to perform configurations such as price updates
  • Manages the forecourt hardware, financial and loyalty transactions, host communications, and fuel sales in one system
  • Allows for flexibility and expansion of offerings with the use of industry standards and open architecture between many different applications and software
Low Cost of Ownership

Bring your system up to speed in no time.

In addition to increasing your revenue stream with added retail capabilities and superior usability, the NAMOS POS system is simple to maintain and updates remotely to comply with new regulations. You can also deploy new up-to-date features seamlessly and make repairs faster due to the system’s modular design and optional, remote access and diagnostics.

Save money over the life of your system.

The NAMOS POS system also integrates easily with other retail systems, so you won’t have to spend money on extra equipment to get results. The comprehensive backoffice functionality means you can easily integrate existing back-office or head-office systems.

Low Cost of Ownership at a glance.

  • Offers fast and easy remote maintenance and upgrades
  • Features a global platform for quick and widespread development rollout
  • Localizes payment system security and support to remove the challenges often associated with maintaining a multiple platform POS network
  • Retail proven with a long life-cycle to protect against premature obsolescence
  • Uses standards and component-based architecture to easily configure specific requirements without losing the advantage of a standard solution
  • Supports implementation of future card industry initiatives
  • Built with modular hardware (monitor, printer, etc.) for easier, faster repairs and upgrades
  • Leverages industry hardware and software standards for faster speed to market, reduced risk, and simplified support
  • Easily integrates with third-party back-office and other legacy systems and devices using open, standard application programming interfaces
  • Supported by the multilingual Wayne Help Desk, available 24/7

Wayne NAMOS Point-of-sale System

Generic Functions

  • Fuel sales with prereleased pumps
  • Fuel sales with pump release on demand
  • Prepaid fuel sale (cash, credit, debit, house account)
  • Preset value and amount for fuel sale
  • Incomplete pre-paid sale
  • Item identification by barcode
  • Item identification by price look-up code
  • Items with price entry
  • Item price request
  • Multiple sales (fuel and store items)
  • Repeat key
  • On-site food consumption/take-out
  • Price override for scanned items
  • Pay in/pay out
  • Cash back/cash out
  • No sale (open cash drawer)
  • Void last line in a receipt
  • Line cancellation
  • Void whole receipt
  • Abort receipt
  • Bottle deposit refund
  • Subtotal/total
  • Tax calculation options
  • Suspend receipt
  • Discount
  • Value, percentage, receipt
  • Predefined with item black/white list
  • Local account
  • Cash customer
  • Local account customer prepayment
  • Returns for all methods of payment
  • Different payment types:
    • Cash
    • Foreign currencies
    • Volume/value coupon
    • Credit/debit/fuel cards
  • Selling mixed fuel items (two-stroke fuel mix)
  • Multiple concurrent sales
  • Left-hand usage
  • Quick service restaurants
  • Add/remove condiments
  • Kitchen printer support

Administrative POS Functions

  • Three layers of freely configurable speed keys
  • Flexible receipt design
  • Sign on/sign off operator
  • Start/end break of current shift
  • Electronic journal
  • Configurable safe drop alerts
  • Software ID/language change
  • Switch on/off receipt printer
  • Reprint receipt from electronic journal
  • Permanent load/update of POS parameters
  • Activate new software/system parameter
  • Safe drop
  • Reactivate POS devices
  • Promotions engine
  • Outdoor payment terminal control
  • Mail message at POS
  • Shop/wet item management

Managers Workstation Functions

  • Forecourt configuration tool
  • Item families and departments
  • Administration functions
  • POS and tax parameters
  • Cashier maintenance
  • MOP maintenance
  • Utilities (backup, recovery, etc.)
  • Shift reconciliation
  • Fuel stock management
  • Data import/export
  • Sales reporting/statistics
  • Competitor information
  • Integrated digital video control
  • Local account/local cash account
  • Go live
  • Dealer change
  • Configuration of visible fuel points

Forecourt Functions

  • Integrated pump control at POS
  • All start/stop dispensers
  • Single start/stop dispenser
  • Test sales/pump test
  • Drive off/drive off snooze alarm
  • Price query
  • Fuel price change
  • Change service mode
  • Change price sign
  • Configuration of visible fuel points
  • Change business mode
  • Set limits
  • Prepayment for fuel/dry stock items
  • Support of unmanned sites
  • Tank calibration
  • Vapor recovery alarm