First impressions matter.

Say hello to the Wayne Ovation²™ fuel dispenser.

Wayne Ovation2 Fuel Dispenser

Loyal customers start at the pump.

When a customer has a great fueling experience — one that is clean, fast, secure, and friendly — they’re not only more likely to return, they step inside for a soda, magazine, lottery ticket, or candy bar. The Ovation2 fuel dispenser is easy to use and just as easy to own … it’s durable and easy to maintain while integrating flawlessly into your IT and payment systems. The Ovation2 fuel dispenser just might be Perfection2.

Put North America’s most attractive, technologically advanced fuel dispenser to work on your forecourt, and show your customers the value of a “perfect” fueling experience.

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60% of C-store customers never set foot inside the store.

The sleek styling and easy-to-use interface of Ovation2 fuel dispensers make an outstanding first impression, and the available media options help drive more customers in-store.

Wayne Fueling Systems


Ready to withstand anything the world throws at it.

Your fuel dispensers have to stand out in the elements day after day, for years at a time — in the heat of an Arizona summer, the humidity of a Seattle spring, or the brutality of a Minnesota winter. They have to be ready to operate perfectly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Ovation2 fuel dispenser is up to the challenge. The dispenser features a more streamlined bezel design introducing tempered glass and metal on high-touch areas. Additionally, all-metal columns protect against careless customers, swinging car doors, or whatever else the world may throw at it.

Wayne Ovation2 Fuel Dispenser
Wayne Ovation2 Fuel Dispenser

High brandability. High styling. High engagement.

A customer has to notice your store before they are comfortable visiting it. Your fuel dispensers are the first line of service and engagement for nearly every customer that visits you. And because of that, they should carry your brand loud and strong. And they should do so in a way that is modern and pleasing to the eye. The entire package — shape, style, branding, and design working together — tells the world that you’re friendly, clean, up-to-date, and ready to do business with them.

Ovation2 fuel dispensers are designed to do exactly that. Each unit features 25% more brandable space than previous Wayne dispensers — including two-tone bezel and side-column branding options — helping to engage your customers right from the road. And the sleeker, slimmer styling helps to show your customers that your store is clean, modern, and friendly.


Accessible, updatable, and easy to own

Keeping your fuel dispensers up and running at peak efficiency is important to both you and your customers. And Ovation2 fuel dispensers have been engineered to help make routine maintenance and technology updates as easy as possible.

And as payment and media technology evolve, your Ovation2 dispensers are engineered to evolve right along with them. Updating your dispenser is simple with easily configurable and interchangeable parts. Calibration is a one-step process that can be done quickly, and changing the paper is easy for any attendant to do — Ovation2 features the most accessible printer roll on the market. And of course, each unit is compliant with the latest payment technology standards.

Wayne Ovation2 Fuel Dispenser

Advanced technology that drives profit.

Any new fuel dispenser needs to integrate directly with your operation and the way you do business.

Ovation2 fuel dispensers offer industry-leading “under-the-hood” technologies including:

  • A choice of meters to best match your fuel demands.
  • Flexible alternative fuel solutions.
  • A range of payment solutions to meet your current and future needs.
  • A variety of high-end media capabilities and interactive features.

So regardless of the specific needs of your operation, Ovation2 fuel dispensers can be tailored to fit the exacting standards of your forecourt.


Friendly, secure, and easy to use.

A fuel dispenser must be intuitive — enabling and streamlining the transaction while employing privacy and security features that help your customers feel comfortable. Ovation2 fuel dispensers can lead your customer through each step in the process, from swipe, to selection, to “See you again soon.” All in the only fully ADA-compliant dispenser on the market.

And because privacy is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, we’ve engineered Ovation2 fuel dispensers to help guard your customers against the ever-present threat of fraud. Recessed soft-key panels and other physical design characteristics, combined with state-of-the-art security technologies, provide unmatched peace of mind and protection.


Finance Your Wayne Products and Services with Ascentium Capital

Wayne Fueling Systems joins forces with Ascentium Capital, one of the United States’ largest private-independent finance companies, to offer C-store and fuel retail customers innovative equipment finance options for Wayne products, technologies and services, and set-up costs.  Through the convenience of same-day financing, and Ascentium Capital’s consultative approach, terms are tailored to the client’s specific cash flow needs including many creative and affordable options.  Call Ascentium Capital at 800-785-3060 x1936 for a no obligation quote.











iX Pay Secure Payment

Protect Customer Payment Data and Your Investment.

Meet Today’s Compliance Mandates. Upgrade to Meet Tomorrow’s Regulations.

iX Pay™ Secure Payment delivers one of the most secure payment platforms available – and it is designed for investment-protecting regulation compliance today and in the future.

  • The first payment solution certified to Payment Card Industry (PCI) PIN Transaction Security (PTS) 3.0, global EMV, Canadian Interac and Pan-Nordic Card Association (PNC) Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT).
  • Compliant through 2020 and beyond with easy-to-implement updates.
  • Built on the upgradeable iX™ Technology Platform so you can cost-effectively meet future financial data security regulations simply by adding security features instead of replacing the entire terminal.
  • iX Technology Platform offers a single, cost-effective platform that supports expanded, revenue-enhancing options including iX Media digital merchandising and iSense™ remote monitoring.
  • Configurable to country-specific security regulations.
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Wayne iX Pay Secure Payment

Forecort Media

Control what your forecourt says about you.

You've only got one shot to reach your customers when they're fueling their cars. The Wayne iX Media™ and inOvationTV™ platforms help you drive foot traffic into your store through the day. Offer a coffee and doughnut deal in the morning and a hot dog and beverage combination in the afternoon.

The iX Media platform gives retailers complete control over promotions and loyalty messaging at each station. You can engage your customers directly with service promotions from car washes to in-store food offerings.

With inOvationTV, retailers receive monthly, customized, site-specific promotional ads for products and services via rich video media at no charge.

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Xflo Fuel Meter

Lose the drift, not the fuel.

Decrease fuel loss and enjoy significant cost savings. The Wayne Xflo™ fuel meter has the potential to save more than 12,000 gallons / 45,000 litres* of lost fuel over five years. Its efficient precision-based design dramatically reduces the friction that causes meters to lose accuracy. The result is virtually no meter drift, reduced recalibration costs and faster fuel throughput so you can serve more customers in less time.

*Minimum 200,000 gallons / 750,000 litres per month and a 0.1% accuracy increase.

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Wayne Xflo Fuel Meter