Just imagine.

One simple solution for bringing legacy fuel dispensers today into tomorrow.


One. That’s it. Regardless of original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Wayne iX Pay™ secure payment terminal helps do it all. Forget about multiple vendors, endless comparisons and exploring options.

All you need is the iX Pay secure payment terminal from Wayne that is an EMV®-compliant retrofit which fits legacy dispensers from different OEMs already in the field.

Is is secure?  Yes.

Is it the latest technology?  Yes.

Is it compact, flexible, and upgradeable?  Yes.  Yes.  And yes.

Will it simplify your business and help move it forward?  Absolutely.

Regional Availability

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Just imagine.

A world with no speed bumps.  And no red lights.

With the iX Pay secure payment terminal, nothing will slow you or your customers down. When it comes to security, it’s as good as it gets. From supporting the latest EMV and PCI security standards to dispenser secure access to point-to-point encryption, this product helps meet and even exceed the highest security standards, protecting your customers’ data and you from fraud.

The iX Pay secure payment terminal is also Underwriters Laboratory (UL)-Certified, allowing you to deploy this product without approval concerns. It’s easy to install and the flexible service model allows for replacing individual components or the entire terminal minimizing site downtime.

Business can be tough. Margins are slim, customers are demanding, and it costs a fortune to keep up with ongoing industry changes. But Wayne can help remove one of your road blocks with the iX Pay secure payment terminal.

Just imagine.

The iX Pay secure payment terminal doesn't just solve your EMV-compliance issues, it offers important value-added features designed to extend the life of your equipment. It can help fix the “now” and also give you technology tools designed to change and grow with your business.

The iX Pay secure payment terminal is designed to meet the latest published recommendations and be adaptable to future payment changes. And in some cases, a simple software update is all it will take.

The terminal features a large 7” Widescreen VGA display, a touchscreen user interface, media capabilities, a state-of-the-art secure keypad, enhancing the customer experience and offering a wide range of marketing opportunities. It’s also ready for what’s next in payment with the ability to process contactless cards, mobile payments, Apple Pay™, and more.