Protect Customer Payment Data and Your Investment.

Meet today’s compliance mandates. Upgrade to meet tomorrow’s regulations.

Wayne iX Secure Payment

Increased Security to Combat Increased Fraud

As technology evolves, protecting consumers from debit and credit card fraud is becoming more complex. Criminals are discovering new ways to access valuable financial information which increases the vulnerability of pay-at-the-pump terminals and has resulted in heightened industry vigilance.

The Payment Card Industry is responding to increasing financial data theft with regulations for payment devices that handle PIN authorized transactions. These standards affect all fuel retailers with PIN-accepting payment devices.

Security, Flexibility and Scalability.

Wayne understands that fuel dispensers are a crucial line of defense against identity and monetary theft. We also know how payment security regulations and the expense of compliance can affect your business. The Wayne iX Pay Secure Payment solution delivers advanced security in addition to investment-protecting flexibility and scalability.

Regional Availability

Wayne Product Availability Map
Africa Asia-Pacific Europe Middle-East North-America Latin-America

Modular design.

Featuring an innovative modular design, iX Pay secure payment is available as an option for Ovation2 and Helix fuel dispensers or as a retrofit kit for legacy Wayne and selected third party dispensers. It is also built on a technology foundation that integrates with our award-winning iX™ Technology Platform. Retailers can easily and cost-effectively adapt to security regulations while adding enhanced management, maintenance and marketing capabilities.

Approved for Global Use

The iX Pay secure payment platform has consistently been the first to meet the industry’s most stringent regulatory demands around the world to help deliver the highest level of payment security available. It was the first solution to receive Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Security (PCI PTS) version 3.0 certification, and prior to that, was the first to comply with PCI version 2.0 standards. This solution is currently certified to the latest standards, PCI PTS version 4.0. It was also the first device certified to Canada Interac Association Chip PED requirements, and it is compliant with global EMV 4.2 regulations. What’s more, the iX Pay secure payment solution is built on a single, global technology platform enabling configuration flexibility that easily meets specific regional requirements.