Advanced in-dispenser fleet fueling control.

The iX Fleet fuel control system provides a wide range of controls so you can tightly manage your fueling operation.

Wayne iX Fleet™ Fuel Control System

Access control at the point of fueling

Keeping vehicles fueled is the lifeline of organizations that depend on a fleet for their operations, and it involves much more than simply having fuel dispensers on site. Fuel must be readily accessible to employees who need it to perform their jobs, but also restricted from unauthorized users. Plus, management needs the correct information to maintain fuel inventory and be aware of any vehicle maintenance and operations issues.

The Wayne iX Fleet™ fuel control system, used in conjunction with Wayne Select™ electronic fleet dispensers, helps improve efficiency through sophisticated technology. Consisting of an in-dispenser terminal (IDT) and a controller, the iX Fleet fuel control system delivers remote and on-site fleet fueling control and management for one location or many.

Installed in Select electronic fleet dispensers, the IDT helps simplifies installation and the user interface by moving access control directly to the point of fueling. The distributed system architecture allows each dispenser to independently authorize fueling transactions for a quicker response and enhanced up-time. The iX Fleet fuel controller uses Microsoft® Windows® operating system and SQL Server databases to capture and store information from the dispenser, as well as provide centralized remote system management. It also delivers advanced reporting functionality, all from an easy-to-use dashboard display interface. Software is pre-loaded on the controller, simplifying, and expediting the system start-up.

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