Meet the family.

One global dispenser platform. Five models to address your needs. The Wayne Helix dispenser family is highly configurable, addressing the specific needs of users no matter their fueling demands.

Wayne Helix Fuel Dispenser Global Family

Redesigned and Reconceived

Distributor. Retailer. Technician. Motorist. No matter who you are, the new Wayne Helix™ line of fuel dispensers was designed for you. With features that motorists asked for, benefits that distributors, fleet owners and retailers profit from, and service technician–friendly design that make this smart line of dispensers at home anywhere in the world. After all, these dispensers were designed based on extensive user feedback from across the globe. So from the construction and installation of the dispensers to servicing and maintaining them, this line of dispensers was truly designed for you.

The Wayne Helix series fuel dispenser is a global family of products with all models sharing the same design language—a “Wayne DNA”. Wayne designed and engineered the entire Helix dispenser family on a single global platform which emphasizes intelligent design, transaction security and advanced technology.

Regional Availability

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Designed for you. Engineered for the world.

Helix is the first-ever global family of fuel dispensers, representing the best of everything Wayne has to offer. We designed and engineered our Helix dispenser line to be a global platform, complying with the world’s highest safety standards and engineered to meet the ever-evolving fueling demands of any customer in any of the 145 countries Wayne serves.

Intelligent Design

Wayne and IDEO, a renowned design and innovation consultancy, worked together to conduct global market research and created the Helix dispenser based on user feedback from around the world. Distributors, retailers, technicians and motorists helped to influence the function, ownership and serviceability of this intelligently designed dispenser.

  • Iconic Style — The new dispenser’s universal architecture allows for global recognition and a consistent fueling experience.
  • Clean Look — In order to help protect the equipment and maintain its appearance, the design features “clean” and “dirty” divisions.
  • Expanded Branding — More real estate on the hydraulic cabinet doors, valances and additional signage areas enhances brand visibility to fueling customers.
  • Enhanced Displays — High-contrast, ergonomically designed displays—including angled price displays above push-to-start buttons—provide better visibility day and night.
Wayne Helix Fuel Dispenser

Safety & Security

Helix dispensers are designed and built not only to meet the safety standards of both IEC and UL, but also to address a wide variety of security concerns. From payment transactions to internal security dispenser components, the Wayne Helix line of dispensers encompasses careful consideration in design security to help deter and detect product tampering and fuel theft.

  • Secure Dispenser Components — The dispenser features modular compartments that lock independently, and its robust U-frame inhibits unauthorized access to the electronic head.
  • Industry-Leading Payment Security — The dispenser incorporates Wayne’s proven and upgradable iX Pay™ secure payment technology platform, which provides payment security compliance with the latest PCI PTS and EMV® global standards.
  • Personal Safety — The dispenser promotes user confidence regarding personal safety with its slim dispenser profile, its multiple viewpoints and high-visibility pass-through area.

Advanced Technology & High Quality

The fresh approach taken with the Helix fuel dispensers incorporates global components, innovative metering and durable materials. Using the best of Wayne’s advanced technology creates a superior fueling experience now and for the future.

  • Modular Design — By using shared global components and electronics, and the same core user interface, the Helix dispenser simplifies service and reduces installation times.
  • Durable Materials — The dispenser consists of high-performance composites and corrosion-resistant alloys to help reduce common corrosion points and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Attention to Detail — The dispenser’s high-quality appearance helps forecourt appeal with cleanly engineered lines.
Wayne Helix Fuel Dispenser
iX Pay Secure Payment

Protect Customer Payment Data and Your Investment.

Meet Today’s Compliance Mandates. Upgrade to Meet Tomorrow’s Regulations.

iX Pay™ Secure Payment delivers one of the most secure payment platforms available – and it is designed for investment-protecting regulation compliance today and in the future.

  • The first payment solution certified to Payment Card Industry (PCI) PIN Transaction Security (PTS) 3.0, global EMV, Canadian Interac and Pan-Nordic Card Association (PNC) Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT).
  • Compliant through 2020 and beyond with easy-to-implement updates.
  • Built on the upgradeable iX™ Technology Platform so you can cost-effectively meet future financial data security regulations simply by adding security features instead of replacing the entire terminal.
  • iX Technology Platform offers a single, cost-effective platform that supports expanded, revenue-enhancing options including iX Media digital merchandising and iSense™ remote monitoring.
  • Configurable to country-specific security regulations.
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Wayne iX Pay Secure Payment

Forecort Media

Control what your forecourt says about you.

You've only got one shot to reach your customers when they're fueling their cars. The Wayne iX Media™ and inOvationTV™ platforms help you drive foot traffic into your store through the day. Offer a coffee and doughnut deal in the morning and a hot dog and beverage combination in the afternoon.

The iX Media platform gives retailers complete control over promotions and loyalty messaging at each station. You can engage your customers directly with service promotions from car washes to in-store food offerings.

With inOvationTV, retailers receive monthly, customized, site-specific promotional ads for products and services via rich video media at no charge.

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Xflo Fuel Meter

Lose the drift, not the fuel.

Decrease fuel loss and enjoy significant cost savings. The Wayne Xflo™ fuel meter has the potential to save more than 12,000 gallons / 45,000 litres* of lost fuel over five years. Its efficient precision-based design dramatically reduces the friction that causes meters to lose accuracy. The result is virtually no meter drift, reduced recalibration costs and faster fuel throughput so you can serve more customers in less time.

*Minimum 200,000 gallons / 750,000 litres per month and a 0.1% accuracy increase.

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Wayne Xflo Fuel Meter