Save space without sacrificing value.

Your forecourt can be a harsh place, constantly at the mercy of rough weather and even rougher customers. You need a fuel dispenser rugged enough to withstand the elements, adaptable enough to meet your specific site needs, and stylish enough to make a favorable impact on potential consumers. Meet Wayne’s Global Century fuel dispenser — proof that good things can come in small packages.

Flexible, practical configurations

The compact Global Century dispenser is available in a wide range of configurations, including single and dual product, and island or lane. Choose from nominal flow rates ranging from 50 to 130 litres per minute, making the Global Century dispenser ideal for both standard retail sites and high volume locations like airports, marinas and truck stops. Ethanol and biodiesel models are also available to allow you to better serve your customers’ fuel needs.

  • Configurations include single and dual product, island and lane.
  • Nominal flow rates from 50 to 130 lpm serve both standard and high volume sites.
  • Models available for ethanol and biodiesel.

Regional Availability

Wayne Product Availability Map
Africa Asia-Pacific Europe Middle-East North-America Latin-America

Attractive, customer-focused design

With its attractive smooth-finish bezel and clean, modern appearance, the Global Century dispenser complements any forecourt. But your customers won’t just like its look — they’ll rave about its user-focused functionality. The large product IDs and easy-to-read backlit LCD sales and volume display help minimize consumer errors and indecision.

  • Attractive bezel enhances any forecourt.
  • Large product IDs and backlit sales/volume display facilitate customer interaction.
  • Accurate iMeterTM features easy one-step electronic calibration.
  • Modular iGEMTM electronics offer secure, versatile functionality.
  • Double-bump connections minimize leaks.
  • Easy-access interior makes maintenance easy.
  • Global components to minimize ongoing service costs.

Durable, reliable construction

Because non-functional dispensers mean a non-functional site, the Global Century dispenser features only time-tested, field-proven components. The rugged, compact pumping unit contains no pipe connections to minimize the risk of leaks. The high performance pump meter - iMeter also utilizes “plug-in” pump connections and a seamless, integrated pulser to minimize leakage and increase accuracy. The modular iGEM electronics efficiently manage pump operation and securely transmit data to any in-store payment system.

Routine inspections and maintenance are easy, thanks to the dispenser’s sturdy, easily removable doors. And all of its hydraulics, electronics and meter utilize Wayne Genuine Parts to help ensure years of efficient, hassle-free operation. That translates into more dispenser uptime and fewer service calls — as well as exemplary long-term support and pain-free upgrades.

Listening to its customers’ business needs, Wayne is using global components in all Global Century dispensers to minimize ongoing service costs by limiting the number of spare parts.

Fusion Site Automation Server

Meet the new face of retail fuel automation.

Fusion Automation System ties systems and devices together; including point-of-sale (POS), dispensers, price signs, and tank gauges. Works with equipment from several manufacturers, allows retailers to implement forecourt control with a wide range of products. Rugged design and construction design withstands harsh environments.

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