Meet the new face of retail fuel automation.

Fusion Automation System ties systems and devices together; including point-of-sale (POS), dispensers, price signs, and tank gauges.

Wayne Fusion Automation System

Control over costs.

The Fusion automation system gives you the control you need to help reduce deployment and implementation costs. By giving you better visibility over many of your current devices with one single tool, maintenance costs are reduced, and there are fewer potential points of failure. You simply plug in the Fusion automation controller, hook up your devices, and within minutes, you’re connected and in control.

A single Fusion forecourt system can replace your:

  • Forecourt controller
  • Automatic tank gauge (ATG) system
  • Petroleum-retail console
  • Interface and distribution boxes
  • Third-party proprietary controllers

Regional Availability

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Africa Asia-Pacific Europe Middle-East North-America Latin-America

Control over clutter.

The Fusion forecourt system provides all of this control in a single, streamlined solution configured specifically for the rugged demands of a petroleum-retail environment. With its solid-state construction, the Fusion forecourt system is built to withstand extreme temperatures and dust. And with all of the advanced technology packed into it, it’s also built to handle your complete forecourt needs.

Control over your future.

The Fusion forecourt system is designed to easily expand with your growing business needs. The system is flexible and upgradeable, so as your business needs continue to evolve, you can readily add software and hardware to keep up.

Control, centralized.

The enterprise-enabled remote diagnostic software can be included in your Fusion forecourt system warranty. What does that mean to you? It means you can get:

  • 24/7 remote support for dispensers, systems, and other technology.
  • Device monitoring and remote problem resolution.
  • Escalation notification.
  • Increased security for forecourt and network.
  • Data management.

One platform. Three models of control.

The Fusion forecourt system is available in three models, each configured to address the needs of various site environments.

Fusion 1000

If you have an existing POS system, the Fusion 1000 forecourt controller is an easy way to connect with the forecourt today, with expansion capability for future upgrades. This off-the-shelf box easily connects your POS, ERP, and your dispensers, regardless of the manufacturer.

  • Easily connects your POS and ERP to your forecourt devices.
  • Consolidates boxes — minimizes potential points of failure.
  • Easy to upgrade to the Fusion 3000 forecourt system — add capability without adding boxes.

Wayne Fusion 1000

Fusion 3000

With on-site and remote connectivity, and comprehensive web-reporting features, the Fusion 3000 forecourt controller gives you better control and visibility over your fueling station. If you need automation without electronic payment or require POS redundancy, the Fusion 3000 forecourt controller is the best choice for you.

  • Console application with easy-to-use interface allows enhanced control of the dispenser, including pre-payment and post-payment transactions.
  • Enables cash transactions and payment reconciliation.
  • In-depth web reporting gives you site data at your fingertips — in real time.
  • Web-enabled user interface lets you connect from remote locations and run any report.
  • Provides back-up console application for site redundancy in case of POS failure.

Wayne Fusion 3000

Fusion 6000

Want full site automation with integration to third-party applications, plus electronic payment, both indoors and outdoors? Then you want the Fusion 6000 forecourt controller. It includes everything in the Fusion 3000 forecourt controller, plus it helps control aspects of electronic payments. In fact, the Fusion 6000 forecourt controller even processes credit card transactions separately from the POS system, taking much of the complexity and cost out of PCI compliance.

  • Enables electronic payment transactions without going through your POS system.
  • Enables payment and loyalty programs from a single system.
  • Easily accommodates third-party software applications, no need for extra boxes.

Wayne Fusion 6000

Forecort Media

Control what your forecourt says about you.

You've only got one shot to reach your customers when they're fueling their cars. The Wayne iX Media and inOvationTV platforms help you drive foot traffic into your store through the day. Offer a coffee and doughnut deal in the morning and a hot dog and beverage combination in the afternoon.

The iX Media platform gives retailers complete control over promotions and loyalty messaging at each station. You can engage your customers directly with service promotions from car washes to in-store food offerings.

With inOvationTV TV, retailers receive monthly, customized, site-specific promotional ads for products and services via rich video media at no charge.

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iSense Remote Monitoring

One Site to Manage All Your Sites.

The new Wayne iSense™ remote monitoring provides real-time updates on your sites, the status of your equipment, and the state of your sales. All from an innovative cloud-based solution that works seamlessly with your Wayne Fusion™ forecourt system. With iSense remote monitoring, you’ll stay on top of pricing, maintenance issues, flow rates, and much more. From virtually anywhere.

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Wayne iSense Remote Monitoring