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You’ve only got one shot to reach your customers when they’re fueling their cars.

Wayne Forecourt Media

Control what your forecourt says about you.

You've only got one shot to reach your customers when they're fueling their cars. The Wayne iX Media platform and inOvationTV media platform help you drive foot traffic into your store throughout the day. The iX Media platform gives retailers complete control over promotions and loyalty messaging at each station.This media solution is available globally.

With the inOvationTV media platform, retailers receive monthly, customized, site-specific promotional ads for products and services via rich video media. This media solution is available in North America on Ovation2 fuel dispensers.

Regional Availability

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Wayne iX Media Platform

Make a better fueling experience work for you.

As both a digital and video solution, the Wayne iX Media platform can deliver your customized promotions with exceptional service and support available 24/7. By using the same Wayne iX technology applied to our fueling equipment, the iX Media platform helps deliver your content in a way that may influence customer behavior.

Make a better fueling experience work for you.

A simple, three-step process is all it takes to start enjoying impressive flexibility, service, and support of the iX Media platform:

  1. Upload Your Media to the Wayne iX Media center.
  2. Create Your Media Playlist, Including Day Part.
  3. Submit Your Media Package to Wayne.


Control the content.

Create messaging that connects with the community in which you do business, and communicate it to any city or store instantly. Through the iX Media platform, you can engage your customers with service promotions from car washes to in-store food.

Control the hassle

Upload your content and leave the rest to Wayne. We complete the scheduling, programming, monitoring and maintenance, and offer you 24/7 technical support.

Control your sales.

By deploying cross merchandising and high-margin product messaging through the iX Media platform, you can help influence the choices your customers make and change their normal buying habits at the right time.

Control the enhancements.

Achieve greater visibility into your business through optional remote monitoring and reporting with upgraded product offerings that leverage existing hardware.

inOvationTV Media Platform

Drive Brand Loyalty and Increase C-Store Sales.

The inOvationTV media platform is a free,100% all-inclusive, cloud-based media solution that has enabled thousands of retailers to enhance their brand recognition and loyalty while increasing in-store product sales and improving overall customer experience through media-at-the-pump. Now available with new Wayne Ovation2 dispenser purchases.


Increase Total Sales Through RPAs.

  • Retailers have seen a 16% lift in traffic from the forecourt to the C-store compared to national average.
  • A 3-5% Total Sales lift equates to ~ $10,800-$18,000 Annual Gross Margin with no investment($) from the retailer.
  • Access a library of RPAs to choose from or custom produced by GSTV at no charge.
  • Incorporate coupons into your RPAs to increase/enhance C-store visits.
  • Receive 2 monthly RPAs.
  • Update your RPAs monthly.
  • Implement a day-part to heighten impact of AM vs. PM offers.

Enhance Customer Experience Through Seamless Transactions.

Synchronized continuous loop plays throughout entire transaction.

Differentiate Your Site Through Premium Programming and Seamless Transactions.

Drive sales uplift and customer loyalty with custom RPAs. Programming is customized for each station and changes throughout the day. And a synchronized continuous loop plays throughout entire transaction.

Source: Lieberman Research. Actual sales tracked and reported by major, multi-site

Become The Preferred Station and Increase Loyalty.

  • 84% of consumers agree inOvationTV is enjoyable.
  • 88% agree inOvationTV makes the gas station more appealing.
  • 73% agree inOvationTV increase likelihood to visit the C-store again in the future.
  • 91% believe inOvationTV is a good source of product information.
  • 91% agree inOvationTV makes pumping gas a better experience.
  • 33% were influenced by an ad to make a purchase today.

Improve Operations With Cloud-Based Technology & Support.

  • Wayne Connect IP-485 network solution supports EMV bandwidth.
  • Wayne iSense remote monitoring for real-time insight and control over your media’s performance.
  • Wayne Fusion site automation server creates a single platform for forecourt operations.
  • Wayne Network Operations Center (NOC) Support for 24/7 monitoring and assistance.
Automation System

Meet the new face of retail fuel automation.

Fusion Automation System ties systems and devices together; including point-of-sale (POS), dispensers, price signs, and tank gauges. Works with equipment from several manufacturers, allows retailers to implement forecourt control with a wide range of products. Rugged design and construction design withstands harsh environments.

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Wayne Fusion Automation System