Secure your forecourt. Secure your investment.

From your fuel inventory to your customers’ payment information and your profits, a Wayne fuel dispenser is one of the safest forecourt investments you can make.

Wayne Dispenser Security

Help prevent forecourt theft before it happens.

Wayne is leveraging its experience as a leader in security technology to help retailers fight the increasing risk of theft on the forecourt. The Wayne Dispenser Secure Access and Bezel Locking Kit help keep fuel inventories and customer financial data safe by offering protection against unauthorized access to the fuel dispenser’s internal components.

These security options can be used together or separately to deter thieves from opening dispenser doors. The Bezel Locking Kit provides the first layer of defense by discouraging bezel entry, and Dispenser Secure Access triggers alerts and shuts down the dispenser in the event of a bezel or hydraulic door breach.

Regional Availability

Wayne Product Availability Map
Africa Asia-Pacific Europe Middle-East North-America Latin-America

Secure your inventory

  • Large cabinet doors make unauthorized access visible to store personnel.
  • Separate door for printer access prevents internal components from being exposed during routine paper changes.
  • Multiple tamper-resistant Torx screws add another layer of access protection.
  • Optional secure dispenser locks deter physical access to the bezel. A unique key and lock option is available to minimize key duplication risks.
  • Access to Wayne iGEM™ software programming is controlled via IR remote control through four user levels of passcode logic.
  • The optional Dispenser Secure Access module integrates electronic bezel door sensors with iGEM software to provide audible alerts and dispenser offline mes- sages to the POS in the event of a security breach. Through Wayne iSense™ remote monitoring, alerts can be issued via email or SMS text messages.
  • Wayne™ Intelligent Pulser (WIP) design eliminates exposed gears and shaft, which offers protection against fuel meter tampering and fuel theft.

Secure your investments

  • Wayne iX™ technology platform supports software upgrades for future payment security regulation compliance without replacing equipment.
  • Modular dispenser design allows for cost- effective upgrades to meet future standards while protecting your investment.
  • EMV configurations are available providing full compliance with global EMV and regional security standards. U.S. configurations can be easily converted to EMV while preserving previous PCI upgrade investments.
  • Support for multiple key encryptions so a simple software setting switches key functionality, such as Single to Triple-DES, instead of replacing the keypad.
  • Configurable membrane function keys provide compatibility with legacy POS implementations using function keys on the keypad.

Secure your customers

  • Wayne iX Pay™ secure payment is certified to Version 4.0 of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) PIN Transaction Security (PTS) standard.
  • Triple-DES encryption within the secure keypad and optional data encrypting card readers keep sensitive data safe.
  • Sophisticated anti-tamper mechanisms on the keypad help secure the encryption key.
  • EMV® technology and secure card readers help retailers reduce the risk of losing sensitive payment card data. The Wayne EMV-ready payment system is PCI-approved through 2023, which means you won’t have to continue re-investing to upgrade your system.
  • Adaptive Functionality Mode (AFM) enables select payment fueling transactions to continue in the event of device tampering by disabling only the affected functionality.