Complete, and Completely Flexible.

All of the options you need, and none of the complexity you don’t: That’s what the Wayne ATG and Environmental solution delivers.

Complete, and Completely Flexible.

Wayne delivers a complete, integrated ATG-and-forecourt solution that’s also completely flexible. It offers a variety of hardware and software options that can be included from the start, or retrofitted remotely to meet changing needs. It’s also designed to integrate seamlessly with the Wayne Fusion forecourt system for full visibility into all aspects of operations. Adding capabilities and expanding to more sites is as easy as adding modules.

Regional Availability

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A streamlined ATG platform with a multitude of flexible options.

All of the options you need, and none of the complexity you don’t: That’s what the Wayne Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) delivers. The ATG platform requires no ATG specific console, minimizing the basic number of components required and lowering the initial system investment.

The base system offers:

  • High-performance, highly accurate digital magnetostrictive probe.
  • Safe liquid-level monitoring and leak detection.
  • Compact (220 x 271 x 132 mm), modularly designed Interface Box (IB).
  • Extensive standard capabilities for alarms, with administrator abilities to personalize and set alarm levels, response times and notification policies.
  • Broad range of standard preset reports on key areas such as compliance, trends, inventory, deliveries, leakages, reconciliation, periodic report, sales, variances and alarms.

Include as many or as few of these features as you need:

  • Continuous tank leak detection, with automated simultaneous monitoring of multiple connected probes.
  • Automatic inventory reconciliation (IR), providing real-time reconciliation at every transaction through automatic collection of dispensing data, in-tank fuel inventories and deliveries.
  • Auto-calibration (AC), using a tank calibration algorithm to offset variances in tank tilt, detection and shape after installation.
  • Three-user access level to allow for reports, alerts and other actions to be appropriately directed and accessible at the admin, power user and user levels.
  • Wayne Network Operations Center (NOC) connectivity for remote monitoring of your sites, configurable to securely send only the data you want monitored, at the level you want.
  • Additional alarms and reports to augment the already extensive, standard capabilities in the event that more specific capabilities are needed.
  • Audio and visual alarm plate to allow immediate notification of any alert and alarm at the site; all events will be stored within the system for access for allowed personnel.
Automation System

Meet the new face of retail fuel automation.

Fusion Automation System ties systems and devices together; including point-of-sale (POS), dispensers, price signs, and tank gauges. Works with equipment from several manufacturers, allows retailers to implement forecourt control with a wide range of products. Rugged design and construction design withstands harsh environments.

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Wayne Fusion Automation System