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Dresser Wayne Unveils New Global Star™ V Series Fuel Dispenser Alternative Fuel Capabilities at Automechanika

Expanded configurations offer fuel retailers innovative eco‐fuel possibilities including the first MPD/CNG dispenser.

FRANKFURT, GERMANY (September 17, 2010) – Dresser Wayne, a global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, is showcasing enhanced features and expanded eco‐fueling capabilities of the Global Star V fuel dispenser series at Automechanika in Frankfurt, Germany this week. These new options further reflect Dresser Wayne’s long‐term commitment to help advance alternative energy adoption. The first of its kind on the market, the Global Star V MPD/CNG dispenser combines a traditional multi‐ product fuel dispenser (MPD) with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling. In addition, Global Star V dispenser configurations are now available for Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and the “AdBlue” fuel additive.

“To remain competitive in today’s increasingly diverse fuel market, fuel retailers need to be able to offer a range of products,” Annika Birkler, Global Star product manager for Dresser Wayne explains. “Supporting the different requirements for several types of fuels can be a tremendous challenge, especially when trying to maintain a positive customer fueling experience. The Global Star V series is designed to help address these issues and ease multi‐fuel integration into the forecourt.”

The dispensers not only feature improvements in appearance and usability over Dresser Wayne’s already popular Global Star V series, but also offer several options for alternative‐fuel configurations. For example, the new Global Star V MPD/CNG dispenser delivers traditional fuel as well as CNG in one dispenser, which enables retailers to add CNG products without losing valuable forecourt real estate. Plus, motorists can purchase CNG from a dispenser that is familiar and easy‐to‐operate.

The Global Star V LPG dispenser is another eco‐fuel option from Dresser Wayne. It incorporates retractable hoses and attractive, durable plastic nozzle boots, and its small footprint makes it easier for retailers to place LPG fueling equipment in a prominent, easily accessible place on the forecourt. Likewise, the Global Star V AdBlue dispenser’s small footprint uses less forecourt space, for more convenient installation alongside existing fuel dispensers.

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